Essential Presentation Skills Public Seminar

Date: Oct 23rd

Location: Orange County

October Seminar Early Bird Special: Enroll by October 9th and Save $100

Regularly $695
With Early Bird Special $595

Maximum Six Participants

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Better Presenter offers Essential Presentation Skills Public Seminars in Southern California. Gain confidence and clarity in just one day. Participate as an individual with other business professionals. Maximum six participants per session to guarantee personal instruction.


In this highly professional course, you will be videotaped frequently and learn skills that will make you more successful because your presentations will be clear, compelling and memorable.


  • Gain confidence while presenting your "real world" material
  • Benefit from experienced trainers and our unique B-D-A® coaching methods
  • Track your progress with private review of your videotape
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses, so you can make continuous improvement when presenting.
  • Includes free follow-up coaching

Learn everything you need to know about how to:

  • Overcome nervousness and inhibition
  • Think clearly under pressure
  • Use voice and body language to hold audience attention
  • Analyze an audience to maximize the impact of your message
  • Organize your material quickly, effectively, and logically
  • Create and present PowerPoint or handouts with confidence and conviction
  • Save meeting time by getting to the point
  • Respond to challenging questions from an audience

Program Outline

  • Benchmark - Learn how you look and sound to others
  • Physical Skills - Learn a unique skill to overcome nervousness and think clearly
  • Projection Skills - Use your voice and body to become spontaneous and dynamic
  • Strategizing Your Presentation - Analyze your audience to put your message on the mark
  • Presenting with Visuals - Create effective visuals and present them with confidence
  • Questions & Answers - Involve your audience and learn to respond under pressure

Essential Presentation Skills Brochure