Compelling Selling Skills

By their own admission, salespeople talk too much and when they do it's usually about the features of their product or service. It's repetitive, because customers have usually heard it all before from someone selling something similar. Hardly a compelling reason to make the customer try something new. Today, you cannot learn too much about the customer. A salesperson must be committed to systematically uncover as much information as possible. This is not only a mindset but a skill.


Compelling Selling Skills gives salespeople a fresh selling approach that enables them to talk less, listen more and close more predictably.


Using your own sales situations, you develop new sales skills, learning specifically how to:

  • Listen - Improve customer relationships be demonstrating to them that you're really listening
  • Question - How to follow a roadmap for gathering the "right" information needed to move the sale along
  • Close - Link what your customer values to your product or service and close with specific next steps

Instruction Methods

Our sales training professionals develop skills and make the experience fun.

  • Set objectives - coach for results - verify on video
  • Logical skill building with multiple practice sessions
  • Frequent videotaping with immediate private individual assessment
  • Utilize our unique B-D-A coaching methods
  • All training includes free follow-up coaching

Program Length

One day

Class Size

Maximum of 6 participants to guarantee personal instruction

One Day Agenda

  • Prospecting vs Cold Calling
  • Open the customer dialogue with a plan
  • Follow a strategic roadmap for gathering info
  • Listen actively and probe with confidence
  • Find out the customer's motivation
  • Discover what's compelling to your customer
  • Define objections and questions
  • Close with "next steps"

Compelling Selling Brochure