Private Coaching

Private Coaching offers the highest level of personalized communication skills coaching and is available either "in-person" or "virtual." Private Coaching is tailored specifically for the individual and usually takes less than a 1/2 a day in time. Included is a pre-coaching phone call to discuss areas of interest, private session and follow-up call.


Working with our corporate clients or an individual, we design a session that focuses on their specific communication objective.

We select from Better Presenter's extensive experience which includes:

  • Presenting alone or as part of a team
    • Annual meeting
    • Product launch
    • IPO
    • Senior Management
    • Security analyst
    • Strategic business plan
    • Industry conference
    • Congressional testimony
  • Handling challenging issues and questions
  • Planning content for a specific presentation
  • Interacting with the media
  • Using a TelePrompter
  • Speaking from notes or a prepared script
  • Facilitating a major meeting
  • Coaching and managing employees
  • Listening more effectively
  • Interviewing skills for hiring / being hired

Our Approach

  • Identify areas for personal improvement
  • Use the individual's real-world situations as the basis for practice
  • Teach practical skills that change behavior
  • Coach the individual using our unique B-D-A method
  • Videotape frequently during the session and review privately
  • Role-model all skills being coached
  • Establish retention objectives and follow-up steps


  • In-Person - $895 / 3.5 hours
  • Virtual - $495 / 1.5 hours